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I think you're gonna hate me for this review.

well this was a really awesome cartoon.

I really don't see any defects, and, as i'm sure lots of people told you, the animation is great (its unusual on newgrounds to see that quality), the character design is fun, the backgrounds are amazing, colors are very well picked ..... well well, I would almost say it's perfect.

BUT, and there is a terrible but.

I felt like I was watching a vinnie remake (a top quality remake, of course, but nonetheless). I don't really care whether this is your universe and you made it up before vinnie made his cartoons, or any reasons that could be behind it : I'm not trying to talk about plagiarism. It's just that creativity lacks a lot behind this movie.
The creativity in the style, that is (I'm sorry to say and I know you'll hate me for it) very anime. The creativity in the characters moves,and the whole cartoon itself was completely the same as the stuf you could see in vinnie's work(one of his early work had a girl and a guy race in some of his imaginary universe).

Anyhow, I wanna point out this is extreme quality, because I know I havent created any work that could compare to that, and I'm not trying to say I am more creative than you are, because it would be a lie. It's just that it's .... too bad ? to see so much talent put into something that really did not feel new at all, and it lost a lot of its magical touch to me because when watching, I felt I already saw it before.

Keep up the good work though, I'm looking forward to more of your animation, because it still is great witnessing skills such as yours. And I have hopes you'll find inspiration for something more unique, and appeal viewers with originality.

rtil responds:

vinnie is not an inspiriation of mine, sorry.

]= wasnt as good

Im a big fan of your work cuz it's always been funny and random in some way (the good kinda random Im mentionning).

but that one wasnt as cool as the other one you've made. personally I liked the bloody cat best and in da forest.

even if you used real simple characters, it was awesome because I never expected what would happen.

well in the hopes that'll be useful for you, try to get the magic back ;D

TheBeagle responds:

Well this was more of a simple cartoon. The story was kind of simplistic and since there really was only one TRUE character it was kind of to make it super interesting....I mean Barry is a really interesting guy and all...but...with no other characters no real conflict.

King of Fighters Pt. 2 will come someday but not for a while. Bloody Cat is dead. In Da Forest is dead.

Dave the Hungry Dinosaur 2 is shaky and might not come.

BUT, don't worry. I will start getting back in the old habit of things soon. Laughs will be heard.

Glad you could give me some feedback.


t'es un vrai ouf man ^^


haha arrête ca déchire tout ske tu viens de nous faire la, stait obligé que tu fasses frontpage ^^

sympa les bonhommes ils me rappellent qqchose....

en ts cas, super sympa tout ca, j'espère en voir plus !!!!

peha-fr responds:

// french strikes rulz !

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great entries, glad you put it together

nice to see it becoming reality once again.

dont worry, one day, tim shall be yours.

he told me me secrets about you I'm sure you would pay thousands to hear ;D

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